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A short history of the Midtown West District

Atlanta’s Mixed-Use Intown Development Committed to Preserving the City’s Past

Amid Atlanta’s ever-changing skyline of high-rise buildings and new construction sits a unique and storied area known as the Midtown West District. A distinctive adaptive reuse development, Midtown West is committed to preserving the historic and architectural structures of an earlier era.

A pedestrian-friendly mixed-use community, the Midtown West District features a diverse and eclectic mix of exclusive dining establishments, specialty shops, boutiques, art galleries, salons, fitness studios, and professional firms.

Unique loft-style conversions have been created from the historic warehouses and industrial buildings dating back to the 1880s. Once commonplace to the area, these structures are now rare due to neglect and demolition for new development.

Consisting of 17 adjoining buildings positioned on 12 acres, Midtown West is bounded by Howell Mill Road, Marietta Street, Brady Avenue and Tenth Street.

Many buildings in the Midtown West District are located next to historic Norfolk Southern rail lines, the same rail lines General Sherman used when he visited Atlanta in 1864. This stretch of rail is still active today and is a significant remainder of an almost forgotten industrial and distribution corridor that was active prior to the Civil War.

For over a century this section of Atlanta was the center of the livestock and meat processing industry. Horses, mules, cows and pigs were shipped by train and delivered to buildings on Marietta Street & Brady Avenue. Trains from all over the United States brought livestock to Atlanta. These buildings were used as auction houses, dairies, and saddle shops. Barns, stables and pens for horses, mules, cattle, and pigs covered much of the area’s landscape until the 1940s.

The Southeastern Meat Company, built in 1908, still stands at 914 Howell Mill Road. This location, used as a butcher shop and meat packing facility until the 1980s was originally part of the vast Miller Union Stockyards, founded in 1881 by Captain John Miller.

The Brickworks, the largest development in the Midtown West District, located at 1000 Marietta Street owes its namesake to the Palmer Brick Company who at the turn of the century used these buildings to manufacture bricks.

From its first restoration project 10 years ago, development in the Midtown West District has focused on the reuse of wood, antique brick, arched windows and large steel-framed factory windows. Careful attention has been given to the restoration of these buildings. The result is warm, open eclectic spaces supporting a broad range of uses.

As expansion and renovation of the Midtown West District continues, more retail establishments and restaurants become a part of this exciting live/work hub. Come explore this historic loft-style community known for its distinctive specialty shopping.