Midtown West Associates is committed to preserving and restoring architectural nuances of an earlier era.  Since 1994 we've developed and managed properties in a historic 100-year old area positioned among Atlanta's ever changing skyline of high-rise buildings.  Located on 12 acres in West Midtown Atlanta, the area is home to award winning restaurants, specialty shops and professional firms. 

Brickworks Atlanta, located at 1000 Marietta Street is the largest re-development and features restored loft-style buildings that date back to the 1880's.  With a focus on the use of antique brick and large steel-framed factory windows, Brickworks offers warm, open spaces that support a broad range of uses.

Many buildings in this part of West Midtown Atlanta are restored reminders of an industrial age and long-ago livestock trade and meat processing industry.  Located next to historic Norfolk Southern rail lines, (the same lines General Sherman used when he visited Atlanta in 1864) that once shipped horses, mules, cattle and pigs from the west to stockyards, barns, saddle shops and auction houses along Marietta Street and Brady Avenue.  These trades covered much of the area's landscape until the 1940's.  Warehouses and industrial buildings followed, structures that are now rare in Atlanta due to neglect or demolition for new development.

Expansion and renovation of these unique loft-style buildings continues daily.  Renovations to additional buildings located on the Midtown West properties continue through the year 2017.  Stay tuned!